Mission Info in English

The Perez family invites you to join them in Wenatchee, Washington, the apple capital of the world.  Nothing will touch your heart more than a couple of days visiting and enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the Perez family and all of the people who attend the mission.

Bro. Perez is currently holding services in a borrowed church building on Sunday afternoons.  This is a temporary arrangement until the mission can purchase land and build their own worship center to provide the services needed for the Spanish speaking community in Wenatchee.

Note that of the 30,000 residents in the Wenatchee area, about 1/3 of them are Spanish speaking at home while some are also bi-lingual.

The Perez family is targeting 3 groups of people:

  1.  As they are going about their daily life, they witness and share the gospel with everyone they encounter – from walking down the city streets to people while shopping at the local grocery store.
  2. Migrant agricultural workers.  There are many workers in the area year-round, and during the harvest seasons, the population explodes with many more workers.  Bro. Daniel often visits the orchards and holds Bible studies and worship times in the orchard camps and also witnesses and sings songs of praise to the workers during their work day.
  3. Homeless groups — Bro. Daniel holds weekly Bible studies in homeless shelters, spreading the gospel to the people in need.

Please pray for the mission work in Wenatchee — and feel free to contact Bro. Perez at (509)886-4270 ordanielperez@auburnmbc.org for further information.  You may also contact the sponsoring church atstevew@auburnmbc.org or by calling (253)939-1788.


Mission work sponsored by:

 Auburn Missionary Baptist Church


422 3rd Street NE, Auburn, WA  98002